Mayoral Candidates Surveys

As we have done in previous years, we sent surveys to candidates for Mayor of Colorado Springs, featuring questions of the most interest to our readers.

While we do not endorse candidates at Springs Taxpayers United, we will post each response that is returned, in its entirety, on our website. We will then link to those responses on our social media pages and our weekly newsletter.

Below is the survey sent to each of the Mayoral candidates. Please encourage your favorite candidate to fill out the survey and return it to us.

Surveys for City Council candidates can be found here.

The Mayoral survey was sent on 02/15/2023 to:

Yemi Mobolade
Survey response received 3/30/23, click this link to read.
Wayne Williams
Survey response received 3/2/23, click this link to read.

KOAA Mayoral Candidate Interviews

Yemi Mobolade: Click HERE to see interview

Wayne Williams: Click HERE to see interview

Sixty35 Interviews

Yemi Mobolade: 

Wayne Williams: