Former County Commissioner Warns of Big Tax Bill Jump in School District 12

As of Jan. 29, El Paso County taxpayers now have online access to their 2024 property tax notices via the EPC Assessor’s website. Property owners may not see their printed bills in their mailboxes until February 7th, or later. They may wish to call the Assessor’s office at (719)520-6600 to access the latest tax levies if they are unable to see them online.

Many homeowners in Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 (D12) will be shocked by how much their taxes have risen, especially for homes assessed under $600,000. Taxpayers should brace themselves for double-digit percentage increases this year, some higher than 50 percent. The greatest part of the increase in local property taxes is due to the D12 Board of Education’s failure to lower the combined mill levies for homes in D12.

The net effect of D12’s unanimous, five-member Board vote to “freeze” the mill levy will be a tremendous windfall of tax revenue into the school district. This, on top of steady enrollment district-wide and the monies sent to the school district from the state, will produce a record amount of income for D12. Many homeowners in the less “well-perfumed” areas of 80905 and 80906 may have to take out a personal loan to pay their taxes and homeowner’s insurance this year.

Meanwhile, taxpayers in School District 11 (D11) will see a decrease in their combined mill levies because the D11 School Board lowered their rates in response to taxpayer cries for relief.

Concerned property owners in Cheyenne Mountain School D12 should contact their elected Board of Education members and Superintendent by calling (719)475-6100, or emailing

Also, D12 taxpayers should contact their elected House member, Rep. Marc Snyder (303)866-2932, and Senate member, Sen. Bob Gardner (303)866-4880, to urge the State Legislature and the Governor to take action this year to lessen the crushing blow of outrageous property assessments and tax increases in the future.

One thought on “Former County Commissioner Warns of Big Tax Bill Jump in School District 12

  1. As the 2024 Legislative Session winds down, with nearly 1000 or more bills being introduced. One would think that the Democrat Majority could spare some ink and address the Gallagher Amendment Fiasco by providing property owners with some form of Property Tax Relief or even Property Tax Forgiveness. What has been done is nothing less than a TEMPORARY FIX for a LONG-TERM PROBLEM. Why is it that the left always FIXES THINGS THAT AREN’T BROKEN and PLEADS IGNORANCE WHEN THINGS GO SIDEWAYS?

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